“Today I will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant in which I will eat a cookie!”

-Cookie Monster-

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I am an entrepreneur and cookie connoisseur for 15 years

Shelly Murphyowner of Kingston Cookies.


I started our business over 10 years ago as it complemented my other business, Loyalist Flowers also family owned and operated local Kingston Business, Loyalist Flowers.

There was a niche missing in Kingston for something sweet. We found that men women, students, and everyone in between loved the idea of sending some sweetness.  We wanted to provide a cost effective but charming way of sending some love. Whatever the occasion we have the right taste for you.

We have taste-tested our cookies 1000’s of time just be sure that the are the BEST Kingston has to offer (wink) From birthday gifts, thank you, get well soon, exams for our Queen’s Universiry, St. Lawerence and RMC students, anniversaries or corporate we can satisfy your taste buds.  Our cookies are consistently exceptional, deeply satisfying are completely unforgettable.

Bet you can’t eat just one.

dedicated staff

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  • Shelly Owner/Operator

    Shelly Murphy has owned and operated Kingston Cookies for 14 years and counting , , ,

  • Inger Cookie Tester

    Inger has been baking all of her life. A true European in the kitchen , , ,

  • Liz Jack of All Trades

    Liz comes to us with 11 years of retail experience. She effortlessly makes everyone smile , , ,

  • Sarah Multi-Tasker

    Sarah is a very dedicated, multi-tasker – this woman can literally do 500 things at once , , ,

  • Trish Shop Personality

    Trish is a burst of sunshine here and is very passionate which transpires into her amazing outlook on life , , ,

  • Dave Delivery and Support

    Dave supports the shop and the team with his charismatic personality and his superb delivery service , , ,

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl Baker/Perfectionist

    You could say that Cheryl is a bit of a perfectionist. Her attention to detail is out of this world , , ,

what are people saying

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  • Our Students say we help them get through exams.

Our fresh from the oven cookies will melt in your mouth!